Knowing Your Employees is the Secret to Improving Productivity

Knowing your employees is the secret to improving productivity Research shows that the secret to high performance isn’t biological drive or reward-&-punishment motivators; methods many leaders consider a natural part of being a team leader. We now know that their effectiveness is only a surprisingly narrow band of circumstances, meaning … Continue reading

How to Criticise without being Critical

How to criticise without being critical As a new manager or supervisor you may need to criticise someone else – why? Simple when you bring it back to basics, because they have failed, screwed-up or not performed to the level that was expected, therefore it is your job or role … Continue reading

How to facilitate better by reading and understanding people behaviour

The People Puzzle – Revealed and Facilitating, I often get asked from the people in my workshops and from other trainers, “You always make people laugh so they want more of you! How do you do it?? Well my answer is to ask you the following question: “Is your purpose … Continue reading